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Kenneth Allen Photography's style of photography is journalistic, fun and contemporary with very minimal traditional posing. We prefer to capture important moments as they happen naturally during the wedding day, but we have the experience to control and direct situations as needed. Let us help to document the true emotions, expressions, happiness and joy of everyone who has gathered together to celebrate your special day.

I encourage you to look through my Event gallery to make sure you LOVE our work. It is important that our clients appreciate photography and have a passion for quality photos.  We look forward to helping you document this very special day. 

~ Kenneth 

For Small to Medium-sized events, we have 1 Photographer options from $250, with most clients spending between $500-$1k.

For Medium to Large events, we have 2 Photographer options from $800, with most clients spending between $1-3k.

We understand that every event is different. Please email or call so we can provide a specialized quote for your photography needs. We look forward to providing an exceptional experience for you!


 HYBRID COVERAGE (Photography and Video Clips of your event): $225/Hr


  • Full Photography Coverage 
  • Best Photos Delivered via a downloadable gallery
  • Video Coverage includes: 
  • Video clips
  • Post production
  • Delivery of finished Highlight video 


  • Full Photography Coverage 
  • Best Photos Delivered via a downloadable gallery
  • Video Coverage includes: 
  • Video clips
  • Post production
  • Delivery of finished Highlight video 
  • FAQ

    Do you shoot video as well?

    I do shoot some video, along with photography, known as Hybrid photography. While photographing your wedding, I also capture video footage to put together a highlight video. This service is available at an additional cost or included with certain packages. Here is an example of a hybrid video. Johnson-Darling Wedding

    I also shoot full service videos, although it is not my specialty, I am more than capable of handling your video needs.  Here is an example of my full video service. Amanda and Graham's wedding

    What is the difference between "Editing" and "Retouching"?

    Retouching / Photo Editing Definition:
    These two terms, photo editing and photo retouching are often mistakenly used interchangeably, but they refer to different processes.

    The difference are as follows:

    Photo Editing
    This involves adjustments like white balance, color, explosure, contrast and sharpening. If there is a minor skin blemish that is distracting, for instance, I will usually remove it.

    Basic Photo Retouching
    This process is more involved than simple editing, and therefore, can take longer amounts of time.  In addition to the color and balancing depicted above, retouching includes softening and blending of the face and nect; blemish removal; teeth whitening; brightening and red eye removal; and hair taming around edges.  The end result is a polished professional image that will be flaweless, while still looking completely natural.

    High End Photo Retouching
    This goes beyond the initial scope of basic retouching and includes things like, swapping heads and body parts, complicated hair adjustments, removing unwanted objects, smoothing clothes, changing background color, changing clothing colors, changing the shape of face and body parts and color grading. High End Retouching Pricing starts at $50 per hour and time can vary depending on the size and scope of retouching wanted.

    Do you have locations already picked out?

    Locations, permits or entry fees are the responsibility of the client.  I'm happy to assist with suggestions on locations that will fit the look you are going for.

    Do we have to chose a package or can we customize a package?

    Yes, we can absolutely customize a package that fits your exact needs.  We can consult to provide you with everything you're looking for. 

    What is the typical turn-around time?

    On average, wedding photos are available within 4-6 weeks of the wedding.
    Rush Delivery may be available for an additional fee.

    Do prints come with your packages?

    Prints are not included with my Standard and Deluxe packages, however, you may order prints at anytime.  The ultimate package do come with a large photo album and every image in the album is fully edited and retouched.

    Do I have to order prints through you?

    As much as I would like for you to order prints through me, you don't necessarily have to.  Once you download your images you will be able to print them yourself or send them out to a photo lab of your choice.  But if you will notice, my print prics are very reasonable, convenient and easy to order.    

    How will I receive our images?

    All images will be uploaded to a private online gallery where you will have the opportunity to download any and all photos. If you order a wedding album, it or they, will be delivered to you.

    Do you have a studio?

    I do have a home studio, but I prefer to shoot outside on location because of the unlimited options and opportunities for different looks.  I can also bring my studio to your home, office or location.

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